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About Ando Advisors

We excel in working with companies and social sector organizations, building leadership-driven partnerships to maximize each partner's unique value. We go beyond for-profit and non-profit distinctions, with a deep understanding of both sectors and what each brings to the table. Business has a powerful role to play in effecting social change, but creating the right programs and partnerships to enable a company to fulfill that role successfully is a challenge. We work with you to find the right partners and the right approach to achieve the greatest possible impact in the communities you serve.


What does Ando mean?

In the Wolof language, spoken almost exclusively in Senegal, West Africa, the suffix "ando" means "to do something together." That is, you need only add "ando" to a verb, to take you from a solitary pursuit to a collaborative one. No individual or organization can achieve their full potential alone. Collaboration, sharing ideas, and leveraging partnerships are critical to maximizing business and social impact.

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Kelli Moore has spent her entire career forging connections among diverse people and organizations. For more than 20 years she has been leading and advising organizations from the corporate and social sectors to develop innovative, high-impact partnerships and enhance communications effectiveness.


Kelli spent more than a decade with Ashoka, the world's first and largest network of leading social entrepreneurs. She led Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, and ultimately, the organization's Executive in Residence program, which forged and managed social impact-driven collaborations between corporate executives and leading social entrepreneurs. Kelli has worked with a variety of corporations, including Boehringer Ingelheim, Western Union and McKinsey & Company, to conceptualize, launch and execute innovative and effective programs between corporations and leading social innovators. 

Previously, Kelli served as Executive Director of Pathways Awareness Foundation in Chicago, leading the organization’s national expansion. Kelli also spent several years with Hill & Knowlton (now H&K Strategies), where she provided Corporate Social Responsibility, employee relations and communications counsel for clients. She has also provided pro bono consulting for a variety of organizations, including Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Foundation for Education, National Peace Corps Association and the Infant Welfare Society of Evanston. Kelli served as a Small Business Development Volunteer with Peace Corps in Senegal and holds degrees from Northwestern University and Kenyon College. Kelli lives in Chicago with her husband, two daughters, and their dog.



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Our Work

Recent clients include:

Launch and implement an innovative leadership development program to achieve social and business impact
Providing strategy and marketing support to emerging retail entrepreneur
Create website and other strategic communications content for knowledge management software company
Develop strategic marketing plan to support rapid growth of social enterprise, in collaboration with:
Created a strategic communications plan to raise awareness and fuel organizational growth. Trained spokespeople to represent GROW effectively.
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Create organizational and communications strategies to raise profile and achieve sustainable growth


Ando Advisors

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Our Work

Select clients include:

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In collaboration with:
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