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Soc Impact
Social Impact Strategy

What kind of social and business impact do you want to achieve in the world? What innovative partnerships and programs do you need to create to get there? Leveraging available resources – time, expertise, funding – as effectively as possible is the only way to achieve multiple goals. We work with you to identify and leverage ways that your organization is uniquely qualified to make a difference. We enable you to envision your contribution to the world in a new way, one where your business success also improves people's lives and the communities in which you operate.

Communications Strategy

How do you draw more like-minded people and organizations to collaborate for greater impact? Many mission-driven organization try to do this by shifting what they do to fit someone else's priorities. A more effective way is to articulate and implement your vision in a way that resonates with those who can help you achieve impact and scale.

Mission-driven organizations are founded with a clear vision for improving our world. We work with you to stay focused what makes your organization unique, to streamline your strategy and communications to attract the partners who will help achieve your vision and grow your organization.

Strategic Planning

You have a vision for the impact you want to make in your community, in the world, but you need a plan to get there. You have ideas for growth, recognize there are better ways to streamline your efforts, but you don't know what to let go of to make room for a successful future. We work with you to identify the opportunities and insights that will improve how your organization works, and to illuminate the way to greater impact.

Facilitation and Training

Getting your team on the same page to move forward with a consistent perspective and voice is critical to successful implementation of any strategy. Enabling them to contribute and own the vision is the most effective way to ensure this shared vision. We work with you to develop and conduct meetings, workshops and training sessions that bring people together, identify and elevate their best ideas, and create a successful path forward.

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